Aviron, a standout Y-Combinator-backed company, transforms fitness through its innovative game-based workout equipment, pioneering the future of fitness entertainment. Y-Combinator, renowned for nurturing groundbreaking startups like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Instacart, has been instrumental in Aviron's journey. With an infusion of $23.5M USD in funding, we've been experiencing exponential double-digit growth annually since our inception.

Founded on the principle of making fitness engaging through advanced gamification technology, Aviron is more than just a product; it's a vision to revolutionize how our community stays motivated. Our unique approach combines the enjoyment of gaming with the benefits of exercise, crafting an experience that's fun, effective, and even addictive.

We invite you to explore our community and witness the impact of Aviron firsthand.

  • $5,000 annual education allowance. Because we care about your development and professional growth

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan. We are all owners of the business and want all our employees to have a piece of the pie

  • 100% employer-paid benefits. Improving the health and happiness of our employees

  • Annual discretionary bonus. So all our employees can reap the rewards of a successful year and hard work

  • 3 weeks vacation. To just vacation, however you’d like

  • Free rower. Row along with the Aviron community